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Debian Lenny and git native


KaeilOS / OpenEmbedded git problem with Debian Lenny and git native

After 2 november 2010 OE won't build with Debian Lenny and Debian git native because git version is too old (git-, and you should face to the following error:

 error: git was compiled without libcurl support


The solution is to add backports.debian.org/debian-backports [A] to your /etc/apt/sources.list like this:

 # vi /etc/apt/sources.list

And add the following line

 deb http://backports.debian.org/debian-backports lenny-backports main


Get packages upgraded from backports.debian.org (Recommended!)
This setting is recommended Without this setting you don't get security updates
Replacing backports.debian.org/debian-backports with the mirror in question.
Normally packages won't get upgraded automatically from backports.debian.org  (due to the NotAutomatic flag). To get packages that you have installed from backports automatically updated you have to have add a pinning, either to /etc/apt/preferences:

Package: *
Pin: release a=lenny-backports
Pin-Priority: 200


Replacing backports.debian.org/debian-backports with the mirror in question.

 # apt-get update
 # apt-get upgrade
 # apt-get -t lenny-backports install git


Now git version should be "git version 1.7.1"


 # git --version
   git version 1.7.1


if not please check

 $ /usr/bin/git --version
 $ /usr/local/bin/git --version

HACK: Then copy the new version on the old one [B]

 # sudo cp /usr/bin/git /usr/local/bin/git

[A] For more info about Debian backports see http://backports.debian.org/Instructions/
[B] if you have a better idea please email me


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